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free wifi Avenida Meritxell

New Point Free Wifi Avenida Meritxell 37.

Summary: The new free wifi Avenida Meritxell 37 became operational this month July. Another point in the heart of the city of Andorra la Vella.
We love Andorra and Avenida Meritxell further. Full of perfume shops, photo shops, fashion, restoration … And after filling the free wifi Pas de la Casa, now we are doing the same in the heart of the city of Andorra la Vella. Go to walk, doing window shopping and be connected to the internet for free, it will be increasingly common in the Avenida Meritxell.

Find our pointers.

Where there Gowifi is our pointer. It is the best way to communicate that you have free internet in that area. Also, we take very seriously your security and privacy. So we totally control our networks. We have a system that works, reliable and fast.

free wifi Avenida Meritxell

Plug and play.

Connect to Gowifi is very easy. Truth! It is so intuitive that you will not need to read any instructions. All you have to do is connect your device to our network, “AREA FREE GOWIFI” and that’s it. No passwords, no registers and nothing more… Simple!

In the end, the benefits of using Gowifi are many, but specially for your pocket. Watch your favorite videos on Youtube, update your Apps or share your things without spending megabytes, it is the best!

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