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advertising marketing sales

Use Our Free Wireless Networks for Advertising Marketing Sales.

When we decided to develop GoWifi for advertising marketing sales we had people and the companies in mind. We provide the best internet access while helping the companies to improve their business. And that’s what we’ve done 🙂

Contact us by or  +34 934989917.
You can also leave us your datas.

Thinking of Users

We offer the Internet access through our free and quality wireless networks, in exchange of investing a few seconds to see a promotional video, answer a survey or visit an online store.

Very Fast

We care about the user’s experience. Watch a video without breaks, read the press in no time or simply upload your photos to Instagram at maximum speed.

Safe, Reliable

We take the security very seriously, therefore we expand our own wireless networks. We control the access and we prevent intrusions.

Wifi in Public and Private Spaces

We’re enchanted by the busy streets and squares, emblematic monuments or very crowded areas such as train stations, shopping centers or establishments.

Anonymous, without Registrations nor Passwords

We did what they asked us to, making user’s access easy without asking or saving personal data. !only WII LANDING with the intention of let them get any free gift or sample the products advertised.!

Thinking Advertising Agencies and Shops

If you are a merchandiser you will increase your sales, attract new customers and boost your establishments. If you are a Media Agency you will also be able to advertise your clients in a quick and easy way. Prepare your campaigns and launch them remotely with a single click at any GoWifi Area.

It’s Totally Direct

It’s designed to display your content in a timely manner, focusing all the user’s attention just before getting a free WiFi.

Segment Your Advertising

We incorporate tools so you can target your campaigns to the right people, specific groups or geographic area you want.

Start With Any Budget

You decide the amount you want to invest. Start showing a video one day of the week, only half an hour in a defined area, or address all the users to your online shop, citywide, without limits.

Committed To Transparency

You can monitor and carry out a complete follow-up of your campaigns from minute 1.

Real-time Statistics

Your data belongs to you. Get personalized statistics of your campaigns instantly. For example, see how many times your video has been seen at the same moment or how many Facebook followers have shared your ad in one GoWifi area.


GoWifi presents multiple possibilities. It is very intuitive, easy to use and allows you to generate marketing campaigns, advertising and sales the same day in different areas.

Ah! And she is the SuperWi!

Just in case you don’t know her, SuperWi is the face of all of us responsible for filling the city with more and more free WiFi!

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